Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort is currently managed by Hilton as it undergoes a refurbishment prior to being rebranded under one of Hilton’s luxury brands. Until such time, the resort does not yet participate in the Hilton Honors program, and Hilton Honors members staying at this hotel will not earn points or receive Hilton Honors member benefits during this time.

Shines Like A Pearl In 2021

Derived from the Arabic word meaning “glistening pearl,“ Jumana is not entirely a new name for this abode of 71 luxury private villas. Those who have stayed as guests in the resort or who have dined there, may be familiar with its iconic restaurant, Ju-Ma-Na.

Focusing on domestic tourism while continuing to maintain its international market, it will uphold its international standards, its foundation since opening in 2010 as Banyan Tree Ungasan.

“The pandemic situation has brought uncertainty to the travel and hospitality industry – international tourism especially - with many businesses adjusting their strategy to deal with the changing market. As a result we have refocused on the domestic market to share our international standards of quality luxury,“ says Alfonso Romero, General Manager, Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort.

“It is an exciting change as we have a highly-skilled team of luxury hospitality practitioners at the resort, combined with everything Bali has to offer; the culture, nature attractions, and of course, the unparalleled genuine hospitality of the people - all within the luxury property of Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort. Now, we have a bigger outlet to express the values of those two key elements,“ adds Romero. 

Perched like a jewel in Bali’s southernmost peninsula, and 70-meters above sea level, it boasts 71 all-pool villas, five dining destinations, and an opulent spa. The Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort integrates world-class luxury within its coastal limestone cliff ecosystem with world class Balinese hospitality, from the heart.

On entering the resort, the Balinese concept of Melasti, the sacred self-purification journey from the mountain to the sea, is perfectly laid out on the hotel grounds. From the lobby that represents the mountain, to the resort grounds that mimic a traditional Bali village, to your final destination, the pristine beach and the azure views of the Indian Ocean.

To celebrate the renaming of the resort, Jumana Bali also launches an exclusive 68% discount for domestic travellers with a booking period until 31 March, 2021 and staying period until 30 June, 2021. Expect creative cultural activities and shows, select Indonesian cuisine, and be prepared to be shown Bali’s off the beaten track activities. All curated in harmony by the esteemed and cultured team of Jumana Bali.