Jumana Ungasan Bali Resort is currently managed by Hilton as it undergoes a refurbishment prior to being rebranded under one of Hilton’s luxury brands. Until such time, the resort does not yet participate in the Hilton Honors program, and Hilton Honors members staying at this hotel will not earn points or receive Hilton Honors member benefits during this time.

Flavours of Archipelago Buffet Themed Night

Indulge in remarkable dining experience by the cliff-edge at Ju-Ma-Na terrace featuring Indonesian authentic cuisines from suckling pig, seafood BBQ platter, wide selections of satay to Balinese sweets.
Every Thursday
At Ju-Ma-Na Terrace
IDR 750,000++/ person

For more informations and reservations, please contact 
cana.astawa@hilton.com or at +62 822 3739 1222


Assorted mix steam vegetable, coconut spices
Plecing Kangkung
Morning glory salad with tomato sambal
Lalapan Sayur
Indonesian crudities , tomato, cucumber, cabbage
Cramcam sari laut
Cucumber and seafood salad
Lawar Nangka
Jack fruit salad
Urab Gedang
Young papaya salad
Asinan Buah
Jakarta style Tropical fruits compote
Salad bar
Mesclune greens, tomato, cucumber, onion, 3 kind of salad dressing
Tipat Cantok & Rujak Station
Rice cake, mix vegetables, fried tofu, peanut sauce, mix fruit, tamarind sauce
Condiment; 3 kind of crackers, fried shallot, sweet soya sauce
Soto and Sate
Soto Bandung
Bandung style soup infused with selected Indonesian herbs and spices
Rice Cake in banana leaf
Sate Kambing “ from Madura”
Grilled lamb skewer, marinated chili soya, serve with peanut sauce
Sate lilit ikan “from Bali”
Balinese spices marinated minced fish wrapped around palm stick
Sate Plecing Ayam “from Lombok”
Chili and lime marinated chicken skewer
Condiment; Sambal soto, celery, fried shallot, Vegetable Acar, Peanut sauce, Chilli soya, sambal plecing
Babi Guling
Balinese traditional suckling pig
Sayur daun singkong
Cassava leaves in Balinese spices
Kuah Ares
Banana trunk soup
Tum Babi
Steamed minced pork wrap in banana leaf
Nasi Putih
Steamed rice
Condiment; sambal ulek, sambal mbe, sambal matah, gorengan
Seafood BBQ Platter “Jimbaran style”
King Prawn
Lombok Clam
Stone crab
 Gindara fillet
Condiments; sambal ulek, sambel matah, sambal mbe
Fresh Fruit Slice
Es Teler
Avocado, jack fruit, young coconut, sago, melon syrup, condense milk
Talam Labu
Pumpkin custard
Kue Getas
Sticky rice ball crusted snow sugar
Dadar Gulung
Roullade of pandanus pancake
Kue Ku
Steamed mung bean cake
Poached dumpling filled palm sugar syrup
Onde onde
Red bean stuffed sesame ball
Kue lapis
Chocolate layer cake